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LTOMOur advanced laboratory is invested 200 million RMB:

  • meet various organic synthesis reactions such as lithiation, nitrification, diazotization, hydrogenation, carbonylation, acylating chlorination, sulfonation, ammoniation, chlorination, hydrogenation, diazotization;

  • Has certificate of storage and use of hazardous chemicals;

  • Equipped with multiple analysis and testing equipment such as LCMS, GCMS, NMR, polarimeter, water analyzer and PH meter.

We have successively established joint laboratories with many well-known universities and undertaken a number of national and provincial scientific research and innovation projects.

In 2016, our company made a major breakthrough in the R&D of OLED materials and intermediates, formed independent intellectual property rights, filled the domestic gap and broke the foreign product monopoly for many years.

At present, our annual R&D investment still exceeds 10% of sales, far exceeding the average level of the same industry. Thanks to our inventions and key research projects, we have been awarded by national and provincial governments.

Our company has been awarded:

  • National Certified Enterprise Technology Center
  • National Postdoctoral Research Station
  • National High-tech Enterprise



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China's well-known developer and manufacturer of OLED materials

and intermediates as well as Pharmaceutical intermediates.

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