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LTOMOur rapid and productive R&D and reliable production system combine to provide one package service from route design to process optimization and then to pilot production. We keep close communication with customers and have won praise from customers with rapid response. We have provided customers with products from "G" to "KG" grade, which can ensure and meet the safe development and product quality of most intermediate products.


Our production base is 2 hours by car away from our headquarter, covering all middle and and high ranking intermediates. Our well-trained employees adhere to the idea of "details determine success or failure", stick to safe production, high-quality production, and green production, and provide first-class intermediates manufacturing solutions for domestic and foreign customers. The company has been repeatedly rated as A-level supplier by well-known domestic customers such as BOE.

ultra-low temperature, Grignard, coupling, halogenated, Ullman, Suzuki, etc.

Intellectual production:
MES & DCS system control.

Green and sustainable production:
•    waste gas treatment: deep condensation + spray adsorption and other combined processes
•    waste water: EGSB + A / O combined process



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China's well-known developer and manufacturer of OLED materials

and intermediates as well as Pharmaceutical intermediates.

STOCK: 835249


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